Buy Dried Wild Porcini in Bulk and Small Quantities


                 Buy Dried Wild Porcini in Bulk and Small Quantities

Found growing naturally in the wild hidden amongst the forest under bushes and pines, Porcini mushrooms are beloved by chefs, cooks, and food lovers alike. The Porcini is a versatile mushroom that is used in soups, stews, stocks, sauces, pastas, rice, you name it. The prized boletus edulis fungi is used in recipes the world over from Italy, France, Spain, and all throughout Asia. The meaty umami-ness of Porcini makes these mushrooms a must have for any mushroom lover.

What do Porcini taste like?

Often described as meaty, earthy, woody and umami porcini are a favorite in many cuisines. Our dried porcini are grade A sliced, dried naturally and uniform in thickness.  Try for yourself and see what everyone is talking about and enjoy the rich, chewy, nutty and earth flavor profile that makes these mushrooms so darn good.

To use dried Porcini in cooking:

Using Porcini or any dried mushrooms in cooking is really quite easy.  Simply rehydrate the mushrooms in warm water until just tender cook as you would normally with fresh mushrooms.  If your recipe calls for chopped, or diced mushrooms be sure to rehydrate first and then gently blot dry.  You can either dispose of the water used to hydrate the mushrooms or reserve for use as a vegetable stock or to thin out your sauces.


Dehydrating morels is another technique and very common method for those who have a dehydrating machine. Begin the dehydrating process similar to the air dry process – clean your morels of dirt and bugs, pat dry if you have rinsed, and get your dehydrator ready. The only exception is you may choose slice your morels and that is nothing more than a personal preference. The Great Morel suggests a temperature setting of about 125F on your dehydrating machine. Just leave them in there about five to 8 hours and remember to rotate the trays every couple hours. Much of the timing depends on the size of your morels, the meatier the morel, the longer it will take.


 Dried Naturally

When we talk about drying morels, the primary object is to let the morel dry naturally from its harvested state. Depending on the air drying method, you may or may not want to slice your morels, but do make sure you clean the stem of any dirt, and shake out any bugs taking refuge. In other words – if you rinse – do not soak. Just rinse, de-bug and pat dry to remove as much moisture as possible.



One of the most common drying techniques and probably the easiest is the string dry method. Think of it like stringing popcorn for Christmas tree decorations. You can use twine, string, dental floss, or similar material and just feed the morels on to the string. If you opt use this method, do not slice your morels, and also keep the morels evenly spaced so they are not touching. You can then hang them in a warm, but very dry place. Depending on the temperature and humidity, you could be looking at upwards of two to three days or longer for the natural air drying to complete. The key here is dry – as in low humidity dry. Think of it as line drying your clothes on a clothes line and allowing the morel to lose all of its moisture.


Oven and Other Drying

Other ideas are laying your morels on a screen, a table, or similar contraption. Using an oven is an option as well, but extreme care should be taken if oven drying your morels indoors. The goal here is to allow the morel to dry as naturally as possible, so whatever option you use just insure they are drying and you monitor the humidity levels. If you attempt the screen drying method, remember to allow good air flow throughout the entire drying process. So if you lay your screen frame on a table, make sure you have the morels raised off the table. Use a bricks or wood to raise your drying frames off the table to allow airflow.


You can also search online for solar food drying methods and plans if you would like to build something a bit fancier. These can also double for drying vegetables and nuts.

Let’s get a little more in-depth about the oven drying process – a relatively simple technique. When attempting to dry your morels using an oven, set the temperature at around 120-140 degrees and lay your morels out evenly on cookie sheets or on the oven racks so they are not touching. You can load your oven up with multiple trays or racks, just make sure you allow room for air movement and rotate them throughout the process every hour or two.

Expect the oven drying process to take anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. Much of this will depend on the size of the morels. Slicing in quarters or halving the morels will reduce the time as well. Remember to monitor the temperature closely and do not allow your precious morels to bake – the object here is a process of slow removal of moisture.

One additional tip – if you have a convection oven, use the convection oven setting as it moves the warm air around and may significantly reduce the drying time.


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