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Buy DMT online. DMT was first synthesized in 1931 by the German chemist Richard Helmuth Fredrick Manske.Its discovery as a natural product is generally credited to Brazilian chemist and microbiologist Oswaldo Gonçalves de Lima who, in 1946, isolated an alkaloid he named nigerina (nigerine) from the root bark of jurema preta (Mimosa tenuiflora).

DMT was unequivocal identified in 1959, when American chemists were provided a sample of Mimosa tenuiflora. In 1955, a team of American chemists led by Evan Horning isolated and formally identified DMT in the seeds and pods of Anadenanthera peregrina.

Since 1955, DMT has been found in a host of organisms: in at least fifty plant species belonging to ten families, and in at least four animal species, including one gorgonian and three mammalian species.

N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (also known as DMTN,N-DMTDmitri, and “The Spirit Molecule”) is a classical psychedelic substance of the tryptamine class. Despite being one of the simplest psychedelic compounds, it is known for its unique ability to produce short-lived but intense visionary states and complete hallucinations. It is thought to produce its psychedelic effects by binding to serotonin receptors in the brain, although the precise mechanism is not fully understood.

DMT is present in over 65 species of plants and has been identified as being a normal constituent of human metabolism and an endogenous neurotransmitter in certain rodents. Its presence is also known to be widespread throughout the plant kingdom.Although various theories have been postulated, its neurobiological function has yet to be determined.[citation needed]

Depending on the dosage and method of administration, the effects of DMT can range from mild psychedelic states to powerfully immersive life-altering experiences which are often described as the ultimate displacement from ordinary consciousness in which users report experiencing ineffable spiritual realms or alternate dimensions.

Buy DMT online

When vaporized or smoked, DMT produces short-lived effects with a very rapid onset that is sometimes described as an “inconceivably high-speed rollercoaster ride.” When ingested in combination with a MAOI or RIMA agent, it becomes active orally and significantly longer lasting, immersive, and interactive in nature: this combination is known as ayahuasca. Ayahuasca brews have been used traditionally in South America since at least around the year 1500.

Unlike most highly prohibited substances, DMT is not considered to be addictive or toxic by the scientific community. Nevertheless, unpredictable adverse reactions such as uncontrollable anxiety, delusions and psychosis can always occur, particularly among those predisposed to mental disorders.While these negative reactions or “bad trips” can often be attributed to user inexperience or improper preparation of set and setting, they have been known to happen spontaneously among even highly experienced users as well. It is therefore highly advised to use harm reduction practices if using this substance.

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or N,N-dimethyltryptamine, is a member of a family of organic compounds known as tryptamines. Tryptamines share a core structure consisting of a bicyclic indole heterocycle attached at R3 to an amino group via an ethyl side chain.  contains two methyl groups (CH3-) bound to the terminal amine RN at the end of this chain.

has many homologs and analogs from base tryptamines like MET and DPT, to four and five position substituted variants such as 4-PO- (psilocybin),  (psilacetin), 5-HO- (bufotenin), and 5-MeO-.

is a white, pungent-smelling, crystalline solid. It is insoluble in water, but soluble in organic solvents and aqueous acids.


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